Texas ATM Gives Help Notes To Customers

Texas ATM Gives Help Notes To Customers

A Texas man, who's identity has been withheld to spare him embarrassment, got stuck in an ATM and confused customers by issuing them notes with their receipts.

We take the ATM for granted but what happens if it starts sending you personal pleas for help? Customers in Corpus Christi, Texas had this existential problem when they used their local ATM. Along with their money they received notes pleading for help.

The notes in fact came from a local contractor who had been working on the machine when he became stuck. With no way out (and having left his phone in his truck) he was reduced to issuing notes to the customers through the receipt slot.

Unfortunately most believed it was a joke and ignored them. It was only when one also heard voices that he called the police.

According to the police report the man was rescued soon after. There is nothing that says whether the police required convincing or spent much time laughing at the man.

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