Dead Romanian Claims To Be Alive

Dead Romanian Claims To Be Alive

A dead Romanian man has been telling anyone who'll listen that he's actually alive. But he's been put in his place and told in no uncertain terms that he is dead.

Constantin Reliu moved from Romania to Turkey in 1992 and stopped contacting his family. His wife, reasonably enough, had him declared dead in 2016. But nobody told the dead man and when the Turkish authorities discovered him a few weeks ago they deported the corpse.

Back home in Romania the (by now undoubtedly decomposing) body insisted he was dead. He made such a fuss that he brought the case all the way to court.

There the judges insisted that the law is the law and people can't be declared alive again after they were dead. Very sensible. After all if all the dead bodies wandering around Transylvania insisted on being classified as alive the social system would be unable to cope!

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