5 Hidden Disney Cameos in Other Disney Films

5 Hidden Disney Cameos in Other Disney Films

Disney has a long history of easter-egg cameos in their animated films. Here are 5 of our favourites.

Pinochio in Aladdin

This one you probably noticed as its the most front-and-center of them. Just when Aladdin asks the Genie to set himself free, but Genie thinks Aladdin is not serious about his wish, so he just sarcastically says “Yeah right!” while changing his head into Pinocchio’s head for few seconds.

Cowgirl Jessie in Monsters Inc

You will definitely recognize Jessie, the cowgirl from the popular Pixar movie “Toy Story 2”. However, do you know that she secretly appears in another Pixar film “Monsters, Inc”? You will not see her until near the ending. Remember the scene when Sulley is in Boo’s bedroom? Sulley helps pick up Boo’s toys from the floor to cleans up the mess, and that is when you can see her appearance. She is there as one of Boo’s toys. Apparently, Andy is actually not the only who has this cowgirl doll. And no, Boo is definitely not Emily, Jessie’s ex-owner in Toy Story 2.

Rapunzel in Frozen

When Anna leaves the castle for the first time she makes her way through a crowd. Briefly you see Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder making their way in the opposite direction.

Lotso in Up

His name is Lots-o’-Hugging’ Bear, but people call him Lotso. This pink bear doll is the antagonist in Toy Story 3, but maybe he is just the little girls’ favorite toy before that. Before Toy Story 3 is released, this bear already appears as cameo in Up, in a little girl’s room. Remember when Carl Fredicksen successfully makes his house fly? There is a scene where a little girl in a room gets surprised for seeing the flying house from her window. Lotso is in that room! He just sits at the corner, near the bed.

Rex in Wall-E

Who does not love Rex the insecure dinosaur? He is one of our favorite characters from Toy Story. Disney Pixar decided to make his cameo appearance in Wall-E. His appearance in this film is hidden and quite mysterious, so you can consider it as a secret appearance. That is the reason a lot of people do not notice this dinosaur when watching Wall-E. Actually he already appears at the beginning of film. It is only for a second, so you are lucky if you can see him. Pay more attention when Wall-E opens his truck door. He is just there with a close-up look, so it is not that hard to find him. What makes it challenging is because the scene is extremely short, so you need to be quick.

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