You Won't Believe What This Mans "Puppies" Turned Out to Be!

You Won't Believe What This Mans "Puppies" Turned Out to Be!

Small furry animals all look alike. And when a Chinese man bought what he was told were two puppies he believed them. But a few years later he got a big surprise!

Wang Kayui, a banana farmer from the Yunnan Province in China, bought the two 'puppies' in Vietnam in 2013. He lovingly raised them for two years with no problems.

They were no trouble at all and Wang says the two were "lively, not picky about food and friendly with humans". He did mention that they had an insatiable appetite.

But recently they began acting 'strangely' and occasionally killed his chickens. But it was not until he saw a wildlife protection poster that the penny dropped and he realised that his dogs were, in fact, bears!

Tow endangered Asian black bears in fact. A nationally protected species in China. He contacted the authorities and the two pair - one male, one female - have since been rehomed at a rescue centre and are said to be in good condition.

Here are the two bears playfully having a shower.

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