Call Magnum PI - Oh What, He's Responsible?

Call Magnum PI - Oh What, He's Responsible?

A California County spent $220,000 investigating a mysterious tanker illegally stealing water. The culprit they found - Magnum PI!

The Calleguas Municipal Water District in Ventura County claims the thefts took place over two years during which time the water was hauled to a 60-acre ranch owned by Magnum PI star Tom Selleck.

Selleck grows Avocados on the ranch.

The district claims it sent Selleck cease-and-desist letters aimed at halting the unlawful water deliveries, but the truck was spotted as recently as March filling up at the hydrant on four days and delivering water to the ranch.

The suit does not specify how much water was taken.

Here's our opportunity to see one of the great TV intros!

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