Watch This Incompetent Chinese Thief Try To Escape Out A Bus Window

Watch This Incompetent Chinese Thief Try To Escape Out A Bus Window

This video shows a Chinese phone thief as he tries and fails to escape from a bus. The incident occurred after he was chased by the owner of the phone and his friend.

A man who was caught red-handed stealing a student's cellphone at a bus stop in Kunming, Yunnan province attempted a brazen getaway by crawling through the window of a bus. Ultimately, it ended in laughable failure.

The man had apparently nabbed the phone before hopping on the bus to flee the scene. Within seconds, two students chased after the vehicle and flagged it down. They got on the bus separately from the back and the front in case the thief tried to run away.

The pickpocket returned the phone and, seemingly with nowhere else to go, tried to escape through a side window. His clumsy getaway was foiled as he was pulled inside the vehicle with the help of passengers.
The attempt is so miserable it almost makes you feel bad for the guy. Almost.

“Stupid thief” nabbed trying to escape through bus window Recently, a man stole a cellphone at a bus stop and attempted to get away by quickly entering a bus in Kunming city in Yunnan Province. Fortunately, the student whose phone was stolen noticed the scam and was able to stop the bus. In a brazen and stupid attempt to flee the scene of the crime, the thief tried to escape through a window on the bus, but was grabbed by passengers helping to capture the perpetrator. Netizens praised their efforts in having this cellphone thief arrested.

Posted by CCTVNews on Sunday, July 19, 2015

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