Child Assaults Another By Wheelie According To UK Police

Child Assaults Another By Wheelie According To UK Police

According to Norfolk police a young child recently assaulted a friend by driving into him while doing a wheelie. This is the first known case of such assault but many other unique assaults have also recently been seen.

Most police forces are accused of massaging crime figures downwards. But Norfolk police in the UK have said they have manipulated theirs upwards!

Incidents that have been recorded as assault or serious bodily harm include;

  • A women who threw a biscuit at a man, leaving him with a small red mark.
  • A child who brushed another child’s arm with a stinging nettle while playing together.
  • A young child who caught his sibling with a boxing glove when he was swinging it around.
  • The previously mentioned children who were doing wheelies on their bikes when one ran into the other.

These would previously have been ignored but are now considered serious crimes. This has led to an increase of 14% in recorded crimes in Norfolk.

The UK Government says they recently found the police were failing to record one in five of all crimes reported to them, amounting to 800,000 offences nationally. They haven't said how many of those involve biscuits or wheelies.

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