#SummerInSyria - The Tourism Promotion That Went A BIT Wrong.

#SummerInSyria -  The Tourism Promotion That Went A BIT Wrong.

The Syrian government tried to promote the fun side of Summer in Syria. But they forgot there was a civil war!

Using the official news service's English-language Twitter account (@SANAEnglish) to encourage people to share their "moments of summer" across the country using the hashtag #SummerinSyria. But either they forgot or nobody told them about the civil war currently raging in the country. At least that's our assumption since, had they known, the response would have been entirely predictable.

Within minutes people were commenting and attaching photos using the hashtag. But as you might expect these were not what the government wanted to see...

It's not the first time a hashtag promotion went wrong, and it won't b the last. But it's probably the biggest failure we'll see for a long time.

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