What?? Bubble Wrap Won't POP Anymore??

What?? Bubble Wrap Won't POP Anymore??

SealedAir, the makers of Bubble Wrap are launching a new version. And it won't pop!

The new version is intended to cut costs, since what they currently ship is a lot of air. The new version will ship flat and be pumped up by the user. But it won't pop, even then!

Called iBubble (yes it's 2008 again and everything starts with a lowercase i) this won't immediately replace the current version, but it's only a matter of time.

The big question is how long before YouTube is full of videos of people getting frustrated as they forget it doesn't pop?

I don't know, but until that happens we have this video of a racoon popping it to keep us amused!

What do you think? Is this another step on the destruction of civilisation?

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