Move Your Cereal With A Magnet - Yes, IT CAN BE DONE !!

Move Your Cereal With A Magnet - Yes, IT CAN BE DONE !!

Iron-fortified food. You've seen it and if you're liked most people you've never really considered how the iron is added. Maybe it's some chemical process? Well it's shockingly simple!

Iron-fortified foods just have iron filings added. That's right, the a big bar of iron is shaved and the bits added to the cereal!

It sounds weird but it's true. In fact there's so much iron that you can move it with a (strong) magnet as this guy shows.

Still how do we know it's just the same iron filings we see rusting every day? Well these guys show you how to extract the pure iron filings from the cereal...

There's some controversy about the impact of such iron in food. I don't have enough knowledge to have a strong opinion about this either way, but I have to admit seeing these particles extracted gives me pause for thought.

What do you think? Does knowing how the iron is added make you think twice about eating iron-fortified foods?

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