This Bicycle From Ford Warns You About Potholes!

This Bicycle From Ford Warns You About Potholes!

You might think of Ford only in terms of their cars. But the automobile giant is also developing bicycles. But these are no ordinary bicycles.

Ford says the Flex can interact with your smartphone, enabling a "no sweat" mode that will calculate how much effort you need to put on the pedals to get to your destination without any serious physical exertion. Yes, now you don't even have to think how to be lazy!

In addition to advancing human laziness, the MoDe:Link app also informs riders of real-time weather, road, and traffic conditions up ahead. The app comes with an Apple Watch extension that can somehow detect potholes on the road. Riders will feel their handlebars vibrate when they come close to such hazards.

The bike also folds easily for transportation in a car.

There are three bikes in the range but no word on pricing.

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