Brave Dog Born Without Legs Uses Custom Wheelchair.

Brave Dog Born Without Legs Uses Custom Wheelchair.

Little Daschund Bubbles was born without her front legs. But neither she nor her owner ever gave up and now Bubbles is running with the best of the dogs.

Her owner, Trevor Byers, tried to design a perfect wheelchair for Bubbles over many months, but none of them worked just right. Only when they purchased a 3D printer did they finally come up with a truly workable design.

As Trevor describes it, "It is light weight and stable without placing too much weight on her extra long dachshund back. She gets around in her cart better than any other small dog I have seen missing there front legs. Up and down hills and running through thick grass taller than her nothing slows her down."

Trevor has made videos of the wheelchair assembly available on their own YouTube channel. You can also find more videos of Bubbles and similar dogs using the wheelchair.

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