A Lake and A Mountain Are Going To Come Crashing Down At Any Time

A Lake and A Mountain Are Going To Come Crashing Down At Any Time

A mountain in France and a lake in Canada are both just weeks away from falling off cliffs!


In Canada's Northwest Territories this lake is expected to breach the earthen embankment containing it and flow over a cliff, sending tens of thousands of cubic meters of water crashing into a neighboring valley

The destruction of the lake, which is expected in late summer or early fall, will be the result of increased heavy rainfall and temperatures, which have risen several degrees since recording began in the 1940s.

These forces are gradually melting arctic permafrost, which is contained in ice headwalls, sometimes as much as 30 meters thick. Heat and rain are melting headwall ice, exposing soil and sediment which is in turn washed away, revealing more ice, in a process that creates large slumps in the landscape. One of these slumps is eroding backwards into the land around the doomed lake, eating away at what now may be fewer than five meters of soil and sediment holding back the water.

"Sometime, probably this summer, it's just going to erode so far back that it's just going to catastrophically drain," a Geologist told VICE News.


Meanwhile in France a landslide that started in April is about to bring down a whole Alpine mountain in Isère.

Soldiers have been assigned to keep people away and enforce bans on sailing on the reservoir, access to riverbanks and fish and the temporary ban on overflight of the area.

The only flights allowed are recently introduced Helicopter Shuttles. These have been provided to allow residents get to and from work since the road was closed.

800,000 cubic metres of rock and earth are expected to come crashing into the local lake at any time.

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