6 Ways You Can Avoid Being Pickpocketed!

6 Ways You Can Avoid Being Pickpocketed!

There’s a good chance this summer you’ll spend some time in a crowded public place. And crowded places are magnets for pick-pockets.

But there are 6 easy ways to help avoid the loss of your property;

  • Don’t put anything in your back pockets.

- Don’t walk around with bags that are strapped over your shoulder and behind you – especially if they’re open.

- The front pocket is harder to get to. But people can still see objects like keys or wallets.

- Inside jacket pockets are surprisingly risky. Thieves can fairly quickly bump into you, reach inside your jacket pocket, and make off with your valuables.

- As soon as anyone comes into your personal space, be immediately wary.

- Have everything in your field of vision – especially when you’re in a crowded place.

Keep these tips in mind and enjoy your time out.

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