19 Things You'll Only Understand If You Had Strict Parents

19 Things You'll Only Understand If You Had Strict Parents

If convincing your mum and dad that you should be allowed to sleep over your friend’s house/go out past 10pm/breathe on a school night was part of your daily struggle back in the day, you probably grew up with pretty strict parents.

You aren’t alone, as it looks like plenty of Twitter shared your pain. Here are 19 things only people who grew up with strict parents will understand.

  1. Having to tell your mates “let me just ask my parents” literally every time someone wants to go out.

  2. …And then having to put your parents in contact with their parents, just to check their house isn’t teaming with prostitutes and heroin addicts.

  3. Wanna go out tomorrow? Forget about it, you went out yesterday. Now go and clean your room.

  4. When you get home from pretty much anywhere ever, prepare for the grilling of the century.

  5. You’ve become the paster of pretending to be alseep, after years of being “checked on” after bedtime.

  6. Friends with liberal parents just don’t understand the pressure of telling a little white lie when your parents have detective skills to rival Sherlock.

  7. …But when you do end up telling a porky pie, you’ve made sure the whole squad knows what to tell your parents if they start sniffing around.

  8. You’re super stealthy with the “erase entire phone history” feature, just in case those parental eyes go prying where they shouldn’t.

  9. …And you know when to stash your phone in the back of the wardrobe, because it’s the first thing they’ll confiscate.

  10. You had a bedtime. Even in your teenage years. Actually, they still tell you when to go to bed now.

  11. If you left something lying around, there were MAJOR consequences.

  12. Having to ask your friends an exact minute-by-minute itinerary of your plans, because you know you’re gonna get an interrogation by a parent.

  13. Having to tell your pal that you can’t attend their totally innocent sleepover because your mother isn’t keen on the idea.

  14. Your curfew was tight.

  15. …Meaning you missed pretty much all the fun parts of the night.

  16. Constantly being reminded who owns that damned roof.

  17. Constantly being reminded of how lazy you are and how easy kids have it compared to their day.

  18. “I think with my birthday money Grandma gave me, I’m gonna buy a-” “NO THAT MONEY IS GOING IN YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT AND YOU CAN’T TOUCH IT UNTIL YOU’RE 30″.

19.Although it was sometimes a struggle, essentially it made you pretty damn stealthy.

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